Matching Cheese and Wine

Cheese and wine have a lot in common. Both are very much linked to the “terroir”, the region of origin of the raw materials and are therefore unique products of the local soil and flora. Both are dependant on the expertise of their creators and only the perfect harmony between raw materials and professional creation of the artisan will make the perfect product.

Should you serve cheese best before dinner, during main course, as dessert or even after dessert? The clear answer is “YES PLEASE, anytime”.

In Switzerland, people eat cheese with jam in the morning, as a snack in between, with Salad and bread for lunch, as a complementing snack with a great glass of wine late in the afternoon, as main meal with hot potatoes and a nice cheese platter for dinner, in melted form in a Fondue or a Raclette on a cold winter day or simply as part of some nibblies after dinner.

Cheese plays a vital role in Switzerland’s cuisine, since hundreds of cheese factories produce some of the best cheeses in the world. The season has a high influence in what type of cheese is eaten with which wine. In general Swiss people eat a lot of hot and melted cheese during winter and a wide range of cold cheeses from mild and creamy to strong and hard during summer. Of course, everybody enjoys cheese combined with a good glass of wine and in good company.

At the end: Eat whatever you like whenever you like it! You are the star in your great food experience!
Enjoyed together, cheese and wine bring out the best in each other or as many say “ heese and wine marry well”.  Both wine and cheese are natural products and both tend to age well, but not all wine and cheese combinations work well. Usually red wine is paired with hard cheese and white wine is paired with soft cheeses.

Experiment and find out what's best for you.

In general one can recommend matching as follows:

  • The harder a cheese (such as Gruyere or Parmesan) the more Tannin the wine can contain
  • The creamier the cheese, the more acidic the wine can be
  • In general, wine and cheese made in the same region match well!

FROMART® and Australian Wineries

There are many great wines produced in Australia that are an excellent match with FROMART Cheese. Below is a selection of wineries that we have had the opportunity to match our cheese with. Please be aware that we only tasted a hand selected few of the wines available at these wineries. If you are interested in experiencing these wines make sure you go to their cellar doors or check out their websites.

Sirromet Wines

Established in 2000, Sirromet is a family owned company proud to present premium Australian wines from the Granite Belt region in South East QLD. ..


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