While Swiss cheeses are fantastic to eat, some say they are even better for professional cooking. Who has not seen a Quiche recipe that includes the popular Gruyere or a great winter dish that includes hot melted Raclette to spice up the food and keep you warm in winter time?

In general, one can say that cheeses with a higher fat content have more flavor when eaten cold, but are less suitable for cooking since they tend to separate into cheese and fat when cooking. So our local cheeses such as the Tilsit and Devils Foot cheese have a higher fat content and are therefore better for cold consumption.

If you choose one of our cheeses from Switzerland, they all are very suitable for the kitchen as they tend to have a lower fat content. Cheeses add flavor to the dish or they improve the texture and feeling of the food. The Swiss Raclette and the Fontalino are superb cooking cheeses that will melt perfectly and will add a smooth texture to the dish. Popular cheeses such as the Gruyere, the King of Zing, Swiss Appenzell, Gruyere Extra, Jura Mountain cheese or Julius Cheeser and D'Alpage are great for cooking and melting, but they are better as a flavor addition than for the purpose of "smoothing" the texture. If you need maximum cheese flavor, select the King of Zing or Swiss Appenzell as they are well known in Switzerland for adding a distinctive cheese "whiff" to any food. Many raw milk cheeses are perfect as an ingredient for a cheese fondue, but the mix of different cheeses is crucial to achieve best results. Bernese Hobelkaese and the ultra hard Sap Sago are best grated and often used in sauces and pasta dishes.

Check out our recipe section, search for dishes with your own favourite cheese or post your own recipe and let our online audience know how you enjoy to use FROMART® cheese in the kitchen. If you are not sure wheather and how to post a recipe, or if you simply want some advice on how to use some of our cheeses, contact us by email or phone.


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