Heritage and History

In the rugged heart of Western Europe, in Switzerland, extraordinary cheese has been made for many centuries. According to the legend, already the Romans, in particular the Emperor Antonius Pius had like alpine cheeses so much that he died after overindulging in it, albeit in the old age of 75 years.

Making hard cheese was a simple way of preserving the milk in remote alpine areas. Cheese in Switzerland has always been a popular trading product with adjacent nations. Swiss alpine cheeses were transported on the back of donkeys down to Italy and even to Russia. Last but not least cheese provided basic nutrition that helped people survive the harsh winters in an alpine climate.

The combination of first class raw materials with the passing down of cheese making knowledge from grandfather to father and son ensured the uniqueness and extraordinary quality of Swiss cheese.

In Switzerland, about two thirds of the cheese produced is handcrafted in small cheese factories. Fresh milk is turned into a large variety of different cheeses on the same day and this variety has made Switzerland the country of cheese. 
Swiss cheese is well known for its tradition, its natural characteristics and its unique taste. It is no miracle, that cheese has a strong position in every household in Switzerland and is an important part of every day nutrition. The product range is immense. Most of the cheese produced in Switzerland is raw milk cheese, which means that the milk is not pasteurized. Traditionally most cheeses produced are either semi hard cheeses or hard cheeses.


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