Have you noticed recently that farmers markets seem to be springing up and establishing roots in many places from Victoria to New South Wales to Queensland and many more states? It seems their growth has been nurtured by a constant stream of well-wishers eager for a more exciting and fresher shopping experience.

Popularity of farmers markets is not just about the quality of food, but as well due to a community sense and the people’s desire to connect. The modern farmers market is a place central to the community. It’s where people meet, talk and share with each other and where shoppers get the chance to talk to their producer or supplier in a relaxed environment. Many people say “it’s the perfect place to unwind after a hectic week”. So go and visit your local farmers market to enjoy a nice relaxed atmosphere, to visit likeminded people and to taste and enjoy great food!

Newcastle City Farmers Market

Meet french wine and food connoisseur Stephane Pois and talk wine and cheese!..

Noosa Farmers Market

Perfect for a Sunday morning stroll! For pre-orders for this market email t..

Yandina Markets

Busy and with a huge variety, this is a market very close to the farmer. Fo..


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