Swiss style cheese is best served at room temperature. As with any food, this will allow you to experience maximum flavour when enjoying the cheese.

Take the cheese out of the fridge about 20 to 30 min before you plan to serve it. Depending on the season and current temperatures outside, allow more or less time for the “warming” of the cheese after removing it from the fridge. Serve the cheese on a wooden, ceramic or glass platter with dried fruit, fresh garden vegetables, olives, crackers and quince paste. Serve milder, creamier and softer cheeses with white wines, complement stronger, harder and sharper cheeses with a stronger red wine. For more info on cheese and wine matching check out our cheese and wine matching site!

When using a wooden cheese board, make sure the board is not oiled with strong smelling oil types or is made of a strong flavour” wood type such as Camphor laurel, or the oil or wood might affect the flavour of the cheese.


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