• Swiss Gourmet Selection - 1 kg

    Swiss Gourmet Selection

    A selection of FROMART gourmet cheeses. This can include Gruyere, Julius Cheeser, Tilsit, Devils Foot, Swiss Appenzell, d'Alpage, Wilde Childe, Raclette and more. Depending on availability. If you have a preferred cheese, please let us know. 
    1kg - $52.90
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  • Swiss Aged Selection - 1 kg

    Swiss Aged Selection

    A selection of AGED cheeses such as Gruyere, Swiss Appenzell, D'Alpage, Wilde Childe and other cheese, depending on availablity.
    1kg - $53.90
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  • Swiss Surchoix Selection - 1 kg

    Swiss Surchoix Selection

    The Swiss SURCHOIX selection is for those who enjoy it pure, who want to truly experience the Swiss alpine flavours coming through! This selection can include cheeses such as Gruyere Classic and Gruyere Extra, Swiss Appenzell, D'Alpage, Snakebite, Highmoor, My Love,...

    1kg - $54.90
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  • Swiss Bliss - 1 kg
    Vacuum Packed

    Swiss Bliss

    A selection of Gruyere Style Mountain cheeses: Hard, nutty, and pure bliss!

    This includes Gruyere classic, Julius Cheeser, Gruyere Extra, and the extravagant Highmoor. 

    1 kg - $54.90
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