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  • The Swiss FONDUE mix let's you get warm quickly! Pour it into a FONDUE pot, add some white wine, garlic, corn flower and genuine European Kirsch and you are ready to go!
    1000 g Fondue Mix will feed about 6 - 7 people depending on their appetite!
    • Origin: Switzerland
    • Milk Source: Swiss Brown Cow
    • Age: Various
    TOTAL: $56.90
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    FROMART Fondue Moitie - 1 kg
    FROMART Fondue Moitie - 1 kgFROMART Fondue Moitie - 1 kg
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    The FROMART Fondue Moitie Moitie is a finished and grated selection of mainly Gruyere and Raclette or/and Vacherin. It may include some Appenzell cheese, depending on the strength of the Gruyere. The Gruyere is the basis for the Fondue, while the Appenzell adds a lot of flavor and spice to the mix and the Vacherin makes sure, that the Fondue stays nice and creamy. The perfect winter warmer!

    1000 g Fondue Mix will feed about 6 - 7 people depending on their appetite!

    Enjoy your fondue with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc or an Aussie Semillon.
    FONDUE, for about 5 people (1000 g cheese):
    Open the Fondue mix and pour it into a a Fondue caquelon.
    1000 g Fondue mix will feed about 6 to 7 people.
    First cut the garlic and rub the garlic into the fondue pot.
    Add approx 400 ml of Sauvingnon Blanc (New Zealand).
    Add 1 tablespoon corn flour (mix this with the kirsch, or the white wine).
    Add 1-3 table spoon of Kirsch schnaps (mix with Corn flour).
    Add more garlic as you like.
    Put the whole cheese mix, white wine, garlic, corn flour and kirsch into the fondue caquelon and leave it for 2 or 3 hours. This will help melt the cheese later on.

    Add nutmeg, pepper and paprika as you like.
    Cook on the burner (at the table) until cheese starts to boil, then serve immediately.


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