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  • With an aromatic bouquet, there are subtle scents of cashew nuts and alpine herbs. The cheese is mature and tangy yet distinctively sweet. The aftertaste is savoury and mildly sharp.
    • Origin: North-West Switzerland
    • Milk Source: Raw cows milk, Swiss brown
    • Age: 8 - 10 mths
    Vacuum Packed
    Cheese Paper
    A single piece
    Cut into 150g - 200g pieces $1.15
    TOTAL: $33.54
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    Gruyere Classic - 0.5 kg
    Gruyere Classic - 0.5 kgGruyere Classic - 0.5 kg
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    A  cheese from the milk of Swiss Brown cows.

    The rind displays dusty ochre hues. As the cheese matures, the rind develops a distinct “whiff”, and, although the rind is edible, we recommend that you remove it before serving.

    In appearance, the Gruyere has the colour of a light cultured butter and the paste is dense with no holes apparent.

    The bouquet is robust yet surprisingly sweet. It displays characteristic Gruyere nuttiness along with creaminess, aromas of delicate toffee and some fruity overtones.

    Texture in the mouth is supple to firm and shows a slight granular crunchiness. With ageing this texture can border on crumbly.

    The Gruyere’s full-bodied flavours are rich, complex and intense but not overwhelming. There are hints of caramel, butter, fruits, roast almonds, mushrooms and a little earthiness. The finish is both sharp and sweet at the same time and the aftertaste is deliciously persistent.

    It goes well with substantial dry red and white wines. Try with a Shiraz, a Rioja, an oaked Chardonnay or a Riesling.
    Serve with dry biscuits, walnuts in the shell, dried apricots, finely pared fresh apples and pears.
    Fromart Gruyere is a fine cooking cheese and its distinctive character will enhance dishes such as fondues, omelettes and quiches.


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