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  • Although not a sharp cheese, Swiss Raclette is full of flavour, with a notable piquancy that suits it to a variety of food combinations. Eat melted with hot Potatoes or cold with a glass of Semillon!
    • Origin: Switzerland
    • Milk Source: Raw cows milk, Swiss Brown
    • Age: 5 - 7 mths
    Vacuum Packed
    A single piece
    Cut into 150g - 200g pieces $2.15
    TOTAL: $56.90
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    Swiss Raclette - 1 kg
    Swiss Raclette - 1 kgSwiss Raclette - 1 kg
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    Fromart Raclette is a soft to semi-hard cheese with a light reddish brown rind.

    The cheese itself is a bright, farmhouse butter in colour and the paste is firm with no holes evident.

    The bouquet is fresh and fragrant with shades of crème caramel and roasted hazelnuts.

    When eaten cold its texture in the mouth is smooth and supple. When heated, the cheese displays a delightful gooey consistency.

    Although not a sharp cheese, Raclette is full of flavour, with a notable piquancy that suits it to a variety of food combinations.

    On the palate, you will discover a complexity of tastes beginning with sweet cream and developing into fruitiness, along with a faint acidic zest. At the finish, the flavour is persistent and savoury, showing a balanced saline tang.

    You will particularly enjoy Raclette with any of the following white wine varieties: semillon, riesling, sauvignon blanc, or pinot gris. Or try with a full-bodied beer - such as Coopers Sparkling Ale.
    Traditionally, Raclette is served as a hearty family dinner or, like fondue, as an enjoyable communal meal. Portions of the cheese are heated until the surface starts to melt; the melted layer is then scraped* onto plates and served with boiled new potatoes, pickles and an assortment of other vegetables.


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