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  • Wilde Childe is a cow’s milk cheese from the Alpstein area. Aged around 7 months, it is dense and creamy with a beefy, sautéed-onion aroma. A lovely new hard cream cheese that will seduce you at first bite!
    • Origin: Switzerland
    • Milk Source: Raw cow's milk, Swiss Brown
    • Age: 7 months
    Vacuum Packed
    Cheese Paper
    A single piece
    Cut into 150g - 200g pieces $2.20
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    A Wilde Childe - 1 kg
    A Wilde Childe - 1 kgA Wilde Childe - 1 kg
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    Wilde Childe is a cow's milk cheese from Switzerland.

    The rind is a ruddy, dried apricot hue. The paste is the colour of farmhouse butter and looks smooth and dense, with no eyes apparent. Wilde Childe presents a bouquet that is aromatic but without pungency. Fragrances include crème fraiche and butterscotch and these contrast pleasantly with faint notes of earthy porcini mushroom.
    In the mouth the cheese is semi-firm, light and supple, with a texture not unlike fudge. Initially, flavours are sweetish, reminiscent of caramel and fresh cream. These aspects gradually develop into more savoury notes, with tantalising hints of fresh-baked brioche, roasted almonds and sautéed mushrooms. The finish is mildly piquant with a hint of mild saltiness.
    Try with a Clare Valley riesling, a Yarra Valley Pinot rosé, a merlot, or a Coopers Sparkling Ale.
    Wilde Childe is flavoursome enough to serve on its own with water biscuits and thin slices of fresh apples and pears. It will also make a superb supper dish of grilled cheese on toast. Or try it as the main ingredient in a Welsh Rarebit.


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