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Pasteurized Fromart® cheeses from local milk

At Fromart® we handcraft traditional Swiss cheeses from local QLD milk. Sourcing the milk form the farmers in the area of Gympie, we leave the milk in its natural state and very slowly batch pasteurize the milk to limit the heat  impact to the milk to a minimum. As a great cheese for beginners, we make a full cream Tilsit style which is often sold out before we started releasing it. This cheese is one of the most popular everyday cheeses in the north eastern part of Switzerland and is what we grew up with. For those who prefer the stronger more mature flavours, we’d rcommend you to try our Devils Foot chese, a mature mountain cheese style. Awarded the best cheese of the show at the Brisbane cheese awards in 2008, this cheese has won us many awards including some at the Sydney Roaya Dairy shows as well. This is our signature cheese. Not only do we handcraft it but also handmature it for over 8 months. Cheese lovers from all over Australia appreciate this wonderful cheese with a great Aussie red, we prefer to enjoy it with a Pinot Noir!

Raw milk cheeses and pasteurized cheeses from Switzerland

Switzerland has a very versatile cheese culture with hundreds of small family businesses handcrafting exciting cheese varieties in the valleys and on the alps. In Australia thousands of Swiss, Germans and French migrants who know and love their cheese are after traditional unpasteurized cheeses that so many European cheese lovers take for granted every day. At Fromart® we decided to offer the Australian foodie a simple, affordable and satisfying way to buy and enjoy some of the great raw milk delicacies that one would otherwise have to experience on a trip to Europe.

We are doing our best to offer you an interesting variety of semi hard and hard cheeses. All our raw milk cheeses meet the Australian Food Satandards, are strictly subpervised and monitored by the Swiss Dairy Austhorieties and are all imported with a Food Safety certificate from the Swiss Government Department.

The core of our Raw milk cheesss are the Gruyere, the Swiss Mountain cheese, the King of Zing and the D’Alpage (my personal favourite!), as a group of cheeses to the please the experienced connoisseur who like the cheese with a bit of bite. Snake Bite, Le Baron and Mont Soleil have some distinguished farm style flavours and are recommended for the more adventurous cheese aficionado.


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