Fromart Cheese

Fromart specialises in selling Swiss cheese online to cheese lovers all over Australia. We stock pasteurised Fromart cheese made from local milk, as well as raw milk and pasteurised cheeses from Switzerland.

Pasteurized Fromart cheeses from local milk

At Fromart we handcraft traditional Swiss cheese made from local Queensland milk sourced directly from Gympie farmers. The milk is left in its natural state and slowly batch pasteurized to limit the heat impact to the milk.

Our locally made Swiss cheese is ideal for beginners. Our full cream Tilsit cheese is one of the most popular every day cheeses in the north eastern part of Switzerland – and is often sold out before we can release it.

Our signature, and more mature flavoured, Devils Foot cheese is a mature mountain style cheese, which was awarded the best cheese of the show at the Brisbane Cheese Awards in 2008, and several awards at the Sydney Royal Dairy show.

We hand make and mature this cheese over eight months – and our customers appreciate this wonderful cheese with a great Australian red wine.

Raw milk and pasteurized cheeses from Switzerland

At Fromart we decided to offer the Australian foodie a simple, affordable and satisfying way to buy and enjoy some of the great raw milk delicacies that one would only be able to experience on a trip to Europe.

We sell a variety of semi-hard and hard cheeses handmade in the alps and valleys of Switzerland by hundreds of small family businesses. All our raw milk cheeses meet Australian Food Standards, are strictly supervised and monitored by the Swiss Dairy Authorities, and are imported with a Food Safety Certificate from the Swiss Government Department.

The core of our raw milk cheeses are the Gruyere, the Swiss Mountain cheese, the King of Zing and the D’Alpage (my personal favourite). These cheeses are loved by the experienced connoisseur who prefer cheese with a bit of bite. The Snake Bite, Le Baron and Mont Soleil also have some distinguished farm-style flavours and are recommended for the more adventurous cheese aficionado.

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