Flavour Enhancing

While cheese and wine are a popular pairing, cheese also partners well with beer for more reasons than taste. Cheese, often enjoyed at the beginning or end of a meal, can be heavy on the stomach and many Europeans drink a shot of schnapps to ‘break’ the heaviness.

However, beer also aids digestion when served at around 8 to 10 degrees Celsius, and enhances the flavor of cheese. Aromatic, fruity and not too bitter beer types strengthen the taste of many cheeses, enhancing elements such as acidity, spice, and sweetness.

We have put together a quick guide to match the perfect beer with your favourite cheeses. It’s best to match beers and cheeses that have similar characteristics and intensity.

  • Match young cheese with crisp beers
  • Sheep and goat’s cheese matches well with a fine flavoured beer
  • Pair a mature and strong cheese with a strong, malty beer
  • Mature hard cheeses go well with strong alcoholic beers
  • Carbonated beers are ideal with soft cheeses such as camembert
  • Dark malty beers are a good match for white mold cheeses
  • White beer is perfect for fresh cheeses or matured strong cheeses.

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