Add some flavour

Our cheeses from Switzerland are perfect for cooking as add fantastic texture and flavour to dishes. Imagine including Gruyere into a quiche, or a great winter dish that includes hot melted Raclette?

Our cheeses can be placed into high fat content and low-fat content categories. Those with high fat content have more flavour when served at room temperature and are not ideal for cooking as they can separate into cheese and fat. This includes our local cheeses the Tilsit and Devils Foot.

Our Swiss cheeses are perfect for cooking as they have a lower fat content and add fantastic texture and flavour to dishes.

We love cooking with the Swiss Raclette and Fontalino as they melt perfectly and add a smooth texture to any dish.

Popular cheeses such as the Gruyere, the King of Zing, Swiss Appenzell, Gruyere Extra, Jura Mountain cheese or Julius Cheeser and D’Alpage are also great for cooking and melting but work better as a flavor addition rather than adding a smooth texture.

For maximum flavour we suggest the King of Zing or Swiss Appenzell as they are used in Switzerland to add a distinctive cheese ‘whiff’ to any dish.

Many raw milk cheeses are perfect for cheese fondue, and the Bernese Hobelkaese and the ultra-hard Sap Sago are best grated and used in sauces and pastas.

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