Perfect Partners

Cheese and wine are thought to be the perfect partners. Shaped by the raw ingredients used to create them, both carry unique flavour signatures thanks to the regions and people who make them. The flavours of both are refined as their creators refine their processes to make the perfect product.

Enjoyed together, cheese and wine bring out the best elements of each other and both tend to age well, but not all wine and cheese combinations work well. Red wine is traditionally paired with hard cheese and white wine is often paired with soft cheeses.

Some tips to create perfect pairings include:

  • Match harder cheeses, such as Gruyere or Parmesan, with high tannin wines
  • Creamier cheeses work with more acidic wines
  • In general, wine and cheese made in the same region match well!

The only important aspect is whether or not you enjoy your choices. Have fun, experiment and enjoy!

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