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The Fromart story began over a platter of cheese and Swiss dry meat, wine and conversation with a cheesemaker and his family in the beautiful Swiss mountains of ‘Glarnerland’, home to the unique Sap Sago cheese.

Fromart Christian holding cheese board

We had spent many days hiking the alpine region and taking in the scenery, nature and the simpler way of life, when we met a cheesemaker and his family staying in a rustic hut over the summer so his cows could graze on the alpine herbs and grass – as is tradition to make the Swiss-style cheese.

That evening we shared a passionate discussion about the mountains, our families, life in Australia and life in the alps. It must have been the romance of the mountain air, the backdrop of the alps, or the exceptional cheese made by our host, but we felt inspired and decided to nurture our dream.

Fromart, a combination fromage and art, brings traditional Swiss style cheese to Australia where we mature it to perfection before sending it to our customers to enjoy.

We also handmake our own range of specialty Swiss style cheese using fresh local milk.

Our cheese is stored in our fromagerie and cheese cellar in Eudlo, Queensland, where we look after hundreds of slowly maturing wheels. We only release it when we know it is truly ready, so our customers enjoy the same cheese that inspired us so many years ago.

Fromart is a family business built on passion, respect and love for cheese that will excite your palate. With the convenience of being able to order cheese online, our customers can share in our passion for artisan Swiss cheese.

Christian & Yvonne

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