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New Ticinese Alpine Cheese

Blog New Ticinese Alpine Cheese

We have just spent the last 6 weeks in Switzerland looking for great new cheeses for you! We have found a great new hard alpine cheese that looks a bit like the granite rocks that dominate the geology of this interesting alpine valleys. The rind of this cheese is not smeared but left in the […]

Your Fondue too thick?

Blog Your Fondue Too Thick

If you’re a cheese connoisseur who loves a good fondue with friends in a relaxed atmosphere and no time pressure, you certainly know the problem: If you heat the fondue for very long time periods, it can slowly get too thick. Here a simple solution to this problem: Add a bit of cream, and it […]

Cheese for your healthy diet

Blog Cheese For Your Healthy Diet

According to Barbara Walther of the Swiss Federal Dairy Science institute Agroscope, cheese is – from a nutritional point of view – a very healthy choice due to its components calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphor, zinc, chlorine as well as the vitamines A, B2, B6 and B12.

A Taste Of Coolum

Blog A Taste Of Coolum

What a fantastic gourmet event at the Hyatt this last weekend. Many wonderful wineries from all over Australia delighted many palates and FROMARTĀ® served perfectly melted Swiss Raclette cheese on hot potatoes and the waiting queue said it all. The dish was a favourite at the event and we will be back next year for […]

The Best Cheese Toast

Blog The Best Cheese Toast

Have any old bread left and some great cheese (preferably Raclette or Fontalino) in the fridge? Slice the bread in slices and pour a tiny bit of white wine over it. Add a bit of garlic or onions depending on your taste, then grate cheese on top of it and grill it in the oven. […]

Fondue Time

Blog Fondue Time

Winter time is Fondue time. Invite your friends, select a great bottle of an acidic Aussie Sauvignon Blanc or Semillon and get fresh European Sourdough bread from your local artisan baker. Let the cheese fondue mix soak in the white wine for a while, then heat it up on the open flame in your caquelon […]