Tilsit Steak

Blog Tilsit Steak


500 g Tilsit
2 Table spoons of white wine
Paprika, Pepper
3 Table spoons of flour
2 eggs
80 g breadcrumbs
peanut oil


But Tilsit in .5 cm thick slices.

Add white wine on top and add seasoning.
Leave for 5 minutes, then add the slices and coat them with egg and breadcrumbs. make sure breadcrumbs stick to the cheese.

Heat up penutoil to 180C and add the Tilsit steaks to the hot oil, fry for 3 min.

Let fat drain, serve steaks on hot plate. Add salad if preferred.

Serve with Potatoes and salad.

Serviervorschlag: Mit Schalenkartoffeln und Salat.

Preparation and cooking time: approx. 20 min.